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Wardrobe Edit and Personal Styling:

Dianne is a true master of her craft. Her styling skills are magical, she can transform a simple dress into a stunning outfit in a way I never thought possible.


We did a 3 hour winter wardrobe edit and had a lot of fun! Her advice is spot on, assertive but always kind. Di made sure I really understood why a piece was not flattering to my shape or skin colour and what I could choose instead.


She made a detailed wish list of the items required to complete my wardrobe, clearly recommending shapes and designs, as well as an assortment of brands where I could find them.

The wardrobe edit process was fantastic, we kept a pictorial archive of all the outfits for easier reference, including accessories, this has been incredibly helpful, I go back to the photobook almost every day!


Brisbane Istylefashion Client


Wardrobe Edit and Personal Styling:

"Enjoyed a wonderful morning of inspiration with the amazing Di Cant. Sometimes when the ideas dry up we need someone to awaken our creativity – what a gift it is to be able to do that! It was great to revamp a few lost items from the past with some amazing new ideas of how to style them up and down, getting them out of the cupboard where they’d been for far too long. Thanks to Di, I’m excited to have a new wish list that will connect my wardrobe to a story. 

“Money can buy many things but you need Di’s creativity and talent to bring it all together". 


Brisbane Istylefashion Client


"I have known Di Cant for many years as she is responsible for the best promotional events in Brisbane.Di also is someone I never say no to when she asks me if I would participate in one of her wonderful fashion show. I have no hesitation in recommending Di as a most professional person who delivers."


Carla Zampatti AC

“ I am pleased to acknowledge Di's enthusiasm, experience and knowledge; plus her delivery which inspires the team to, not only dress proudly to the Christie dress code, but also commit totally to team building and corporate behaviour.”


Vaughan Keenan


Christie Offices

“Di's fashion awareness and perception gives her the unique ability to transpose a fashion designers aesthetic onto the catwalk and into the minds and thoughts of consumers. A rare talent which is only achieved from years of hard work and dedication to the art of fashion.”


Roberto Pierucci

Australian Fashion Designer

"Di's knowledge of intricacies of the fashion industry, both here and abroad, her professionalism working with and
representing international brands, and her experience make her an invaluable element of the fashion scene."


Michelle Pillonel

Treasury Hotel and Casino

“Di's styling and management skills ensure our fashion events have been seamless, outstanding and stylish. Di's knowledge, presentation skills and charm added a touch of class to this experience that we couldn't have found elsewhere.”


Emma Chettleburgh

Retail manager, QueensPlaza

“Thank you for such a lovely shopping experience. I really appreciated all of your ideas and suggestions to help me chose clothes which will work with my body shape.  I feel a lot more confident to now choose outfits which will suit me”



Personal styling client

“I’d just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you for the wonderful experience I had when you did my wardrobe edit. We

had lots of fun as I learned how to

co-ordinate clothes I already had hanging in my wardrobe in a much better way.”


Fay Neibling

Wardrobe edit client

"With Di's knowledge and guidance she can transform your life. For Di it is not just about what you wear, it is understanding your lifestyle, your business life and how you see yourself."


Jodie Bache McLean

June Dally Watkins  

and Dallys Models

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