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Vogue, Lacroix

Fabulous flashback.

VOGUE cover November 1988.

When Carlene Cerf de Dudzeele, one of the greatest fashion editors ever, ( formerly of French ELLE) styled this first cover for Anna Wintour when she became Editor of VOGUE. The jacket made world news for Christian Lacroix modelled by Michaela Bercu with a pair of Guess Jeans. I was in Paris in the spring and I saw the Lacroix fashions and accessories and bought the neck - cross. Still have it. In 2018 at MET Heavenly Bodies Exhibition I stood for a long time gazing at this magnificent piece shown in thjs prestigious exhibition. Almost as spectacular as the stained glass window back drop at the MET New York.

Heavenly Bodies MET NY 2018.

*This was the first ever pair of jeans to be photographed for the cover of vogue. 1988.


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