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Personal Wardrobe Styling Testimonial

Wardrobe Edit and Personal Styling:

Dianne is a true master of her craft. Her styling skills are magical, she can transform a simple dress into a stunning outfit in a way I never thought possible.

We did a 3 hour winter wardrobe edit and had a lot of fun! Her advice is spot on, assertive but always kind. Di made sure I really understood why a piece was not flattering to my shape or skin colour and what I could choose instead.

She made a detailed wish list of the items required to complete my wardrobe, clearly recommending shapes and designs, as well as an assortment of brands where I could find them.

The wardrobe edit process was fantastic, we kept a pictorial archive of all the outfits for easier reference, including accessories, this has been incredibly helpful, I go back to the photobook almost every day!

Kind Regards,

Angela Mora Quintero


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