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Ian Berry Denim Art

As those of you who know me well know I am besotted with Ian Berry Art. All his installations and work with denim. Refer back to his post on Hotel California and also the installation in Selfridges Denim Studio in London.

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It’s #recycleweek here in the UK. I was going to recycle some old images but realised, there is so much I haben’t posted. Beside, I recycle a lot - but there is always room we all can do for more. This is a piece I did with my friends at @tonellosrl 🇮🇹 and the brilliant @deberazul 🇨🇴 and showed in Barcelona 🇪🇸 while I normally say no paint, no bleach, no dyes, just Jeans - technically this is a little different. Juan used recycled denim ground down to make the dye that was painted upon some of the denim with @officina39and we also lasered designs to make a texture, then cut out and of course at Tonello. You can see more information and the link in the stories. Having lived in Sweden six years im often ashamed how bad we recycle in the UK. There’s bins for everything there, and it always seemed like everyone did it, and correctly. Perhaps we all should start following the Swedes!! Or perhaps re...gurgitating words from angry old people is easier.... This is a installation that actually gets recycled a lot, showing in different versions in New York, San Francisco, Kentucky, France and London. Very soon it will show again in London - watch this space.

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