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Denim Jeans

The jeans story began with Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis approximately 1873.

Jeans are named after the italian city of Genoa where the jean or the jeane was first manufactured with brass rivets. Jean fabric came from Genoa and also from Nemes in France which was the true home of Denim - Serge de Nimes (denim).

There are conflicting and contradictory statements in the history of denim jeans but Levis 501 famous jean made in the USA took jeans from workwear to street wear and still today is the number 1 popular jean.

My mother bought me my very first pair of denim roll up jeans in 1958 when Australian teenagers were first introduced to this cool American look. Denim jeans are popular, the're strong, durable, wearable, washable and desirable. Your choice of high waist, low rise, wide leg, skinny, boot leg, streamlined or deconstruct. Now with mechanical stretch, wide selections of colours, options in weight. My favourites still are Ralph Lauren, Armani, Sass & Bide and Levis.

Image: David Jones / Calvin Klein Jeans / Mustang - BLUE HEAVEN!

Image: @_hollyt

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