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The Trench Coat. A Girl's Best Friend.

Photography by: Russel Fleming Photography

Di Cant wearing her Ralph Lauren Trench.

Olivia Palermo

Jackie Kennedy

No matter where in the world you travel, one of wardrobes, essential key pieces is 'the trench'. With its wonderful pedigree from the early 1900's worn on the soldiers in the trenches and later adopted to street wear as an every day coat for men and women. Throughout last century right up until now the trench has been a 'go to' for celebrities, for travellers, and for work wear from the traditional Burberry cotton coat through to the most expensive luxe brand leather coats.

The trench coat works for everybody, from the romance of movie stars (Cassablanca) to every woman. actually owns several. From the favourite navy Ralph Lauren trench to a Harry Who leather trench, a short Valentino plus a short light weight Cerrutti . One of them goes with me everywhere I travel. It can sometimes be heavy, lightweight or shower proof but always nonchalant with a classy classic polished look.

Love my Trench, it doesn't matter when you buy it, a good Trench is a forever piece!

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