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Monday Memories To A Magazine Article About Imedeen And Some Well Known Australian Women.

Di Cant

Di has been in fashion related industries for 35 years and is a well known compere in styling parades, showing women how good they can look. She is also responsible for the success of the RAQ Fashion Design Awards which she has been involved with for 18 years.

“I’m not into fads, but I'm certainly into looking after myself and trying to stay young. I'm trying to present the best I can for the age I am and, let's face it, I'm in my 50s. I accept my age, but I don't need to look worn out and I don't need to look like I've been twice around the block."

Di has been taking lmedeen for over three years and says that, although not apparent immediately, she noticed a big difference in the moisture of her skin within three months of starting. ”I’ve felt a sense of well being. I feel very physical. Somehow my joints feel good and I feel good. But that isn't the reason I take it. It is truly for the skin on my face." “Women stop me in town and say: 'Di what makeup are you using, your skin always looks so beautiful?' You can pile on as much cream as you like but the secret ls the lmedeen oral tablets."

Looking her best is part of the job and Di says she can with lmedeen. "I love it, I'd be frightened to stop it. I want whatever's working for me and I do believe it's lmedeen and a good diet. Di's friend and workmate who has been working with her for 18 years says: "She is just radiant all the time. I'm always jealous. Everybody is always asking her what makeup she's using.'

Sheila Scotter

The market is Imedeen. I'm getting older and therefore I'm getting wrinklier in the body as well." Sheila notes Imedeen has an overall affect, not just on her face. Reversing the effects of time isn't what Sheila is concerned with. Rather she wants to maintain the vibrancy she is accustomed to. "Of course I've got laugh lines, but who cares about that. The condition of my skin is what concerns me," she emphasises

Sheila Scotter, AM, MBE- former editor-in-cheif of Vogue Australia and founder of Vogue Living.

(1920 - 2012)

Imedeen Article from Australian Cosmetic Surgery Magazine

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