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Stylish Brisbane Event at Grace & Keenan

What an honour to have this Q & A conversation with two of my all time favourite people to work with, the well respected and much followed Deborah Hutton from her brands Balance and Reno Rookie and dear friend and successful real estate agent and home interior design specialist Vaughan Keenan at the launch of Grace and Keenan in Brisbane recently.

From my fashion files

Debra looked stunning in her red Carla Zampatti. Vaughan in Scotch & Soda and I wore Gail Sorronda and Moschino. The guests all looked fabulous in business cocktail to welcome this new concept in design and real estate - Grace & Keenan.

It was an interesting and amusing interview with much reminiscing, laughing and serious history on architecture, home decor, styling and selling property. Best wishes for every success to Vaughan and team at Grace & Keenan. Doing it with style.

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I have selected just a few photos to share with you from Warren Jopson Photographer.

#graceandkeenan #realestatebrisbane #beautfiulbrisbane@vtk188 @deborahhutton @diannecant @danielle.l.harris @caitlinoloan @ Carlazampatti@gailsorronda @Newstead, Queensland, Australia

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