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Suitcasesavvy LOVES a good white shirt…

I always pack two or three of my white shirts – crisp, mostly collared, long-sleeved with cuff, white shirts. Adore a white shirt with denim jeans, a tailored pair of black trousers, or often with a long mid-calf skirt.

They never date, always look current, no fuss, classy, and flattering to the complexion. From Ralph Lauren, Witchery, Saba, Tommy Hilfiger, to a fabulous shirt by Ferre of Italy. My favourite white shirt is an ELLERY – treasure it. I keep a few (or a dozen!) white shirts in my wardrobe always.

For under a jacket, with a V-neck sweater, or to wear alone as the perfect white shirt, I never travel without them. Laundering white shirts while travelling? Yes, one must have hotel laundry service, or find an occasional laundrette, but it’s worth the effort.

For more information on packing light and packing right for your travels,

Images borrowed from Pinterest for inspiration.

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